The future bread
Food design, anthropology, case study 
During my food design course in Vilnius Academy of Arts (Erasmus programme), I develop a project around bread.
This project started with an anthropological approach. I did research about what bread means to human, through the different ages and culture. Bread, is revolutionary technology when we talk about nutritive aspect. It contains a lot of nutriment, and it is really easy to eat for humans as the wheat is milled into flour.
What I observed, is the bread is present in every culture, even if each part of the world has its own way to bake and consume bread.
This project was about Future Bread. How bread can have social Impact?
I decided to make a food for homeless people. The aim of the project is that the bread is becoming a proper meal, and not only a side food. Also, I wanted this project politically involved. Giving bread to feed homeless people is a way of questioning ourselves about basic food.
I started experimenting bread as a soup container. I worked the bread dough as a material. The most difficult part was to find the best amount of yeast to not make the bread inflate too much. Finding the right texture and taste were also a big challenges.
Finally, to keep a good inside shape of the bread bowl, I made ceramic support to bake the dough around it.
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