Charlie, the tweeting plant
Interaction design, Iot, arduino
Work with Capucine Gorenbouh, Clara Tersen - 2017
What about your plant sending you a message when it’s time to water your indoor plant! That's what the Charlie does!
Charlie is a pot doted with sensors. A humidity sensors is used to determine the shortage of water and a telemeter that measured the size of the plant analyzing the distance between the plant and the sensor. Also, the pot has a little fish eye camera on the top.
Thanks to an arduino system and the Twitter API the data are collected and sended to Twitter. 
On a regular basis, Charlie post a “selfie” on Twitter. It also tell is humor, share its growth and ask for water when it is needed. Charlie express itself in a funny way: “Hey, I’m thirsty” “Feeling a little peckish” “I just reached 17 centimeters… I’m growing fast aren’t I?”
Also, we imagine a system where a LED turn on when people are interacting with the Charlie’s profile en twitter : likes, retweet, new followers…
Charlie has a very active virtual life. This project investigate the limits of virtual identity threw a social network profile.
The shape of the structure is inspired by origami and the neutral white color highlight the color of the plant.
Don’t hesitate to follow the adventures of Charlie on Twitter!
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