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Leka is an interactive robot companion for children with autism​​​​​​​. It’s shaped like a ball that can be remote by an iPad app. The robot uses sound, colors, vibrations to stimulate the child. Through the iPad app, many games and lessons (called curriculum) based around colors identification, picture matching, hide-and-seed are available. 
The particularity of Leka robot is that a reinforcer used to highlight the success of the children during the task. It can be customized according to the child preferences.  
Currently, the robot is in development. There is an alpha version available on the market which allows users to test the product and improve the robot thanks to the regular user feedback.

Controller app and Leka robot

Reinforcer plays with a correct answer

My position in Leka’s team
I worked as an UX/UI and industrial designer over the summer 2018. I have been asked to improve the user experience of the iPad app ; create new interactive content and design a dashboard system with the users dataset.
Make the app navigation easier for children
When I started work on the app, the navigation was confusing. 
The different education programme and games were not categorized, and it was a bit confusing for the user to find the right game or lesson. Moreover, some programmes have to be run by parents or educators while others can be run by the children alone.

Previous main menu

Main challenges:
• Know which Leka robot is connected to the iPad app
• Know which users are using the app. The app is special needs children centered, which mean several profiles of educators and children on the same app.
• Make the graphic design more coherent and easy to use for a children
Content creation
I created a bank of images that suits to the children in a way to use always the same pictograms on the different games and lesson.
Having a digital support allows to create interactive stories for children to help them to understand everyday objects and their use. I work on a template that suits to different stories. The components are: interactive pictograms; word-by-word sentence and background. That allows to develop stories quickly with ease using the bank of images.

Interactive story by touching the screen

Children's progression and monitoring of competency
Leka is a toy to help special needs children to learn and to interact with the surrounding world. According to that, it is crucial to have a tool to allow the educators or parents to monitor children’s progression through data.
The app collects the data about usage of games and lessons. The time spent, the number of times a game is run, the correct and incorrect answers are collected data.

General information using log data

However, all information can not be collected by the app itself. The educator has to fill a questionnaire after each session. I designed the UI of this questionnaire to make this task as easier and more convenient as possible.

The questionnaire filled by the educator

Lesson data with different level of information
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