Société Générale
UX design, motion design, graphic design, communication
2019 - 2021
I worked in an innovation team that was in charge of the communication and democratization of a digital platform solution called SG Markets within the bank. Working on use cases, communicating about the different digital services and software, and promoting solutions through demos was the day-today work of the team.
I first endorsed the role of a graphic designer and motion designer. I was in charge of the content creation for SG Markets: service presentation videos, factsheets, posters, banners… Most of the time, the product owner of the different digital solutions came to me and asked for a communication medium. 
I quickly noted a lack of consistency and a non-efficient method to create those communication materials: there were no clear guidelines to process the request.
Implementation of guidelines
The main challenge was to define SG Markets' identity, keeping Société Générale graphic guidelines. I created a full brand book document that details all the guidelines to follow for each type of material.
The main focus of the guidelines was on videos. I created After Effects templates to ease the video productions, and to have a consistency across all videos components (animations, transitions, screenshots...) of SG Markets videos.
I also developed a range of illustrated animations for promotion and tutorial videos.

Animation show real 

Process optimisation 
Once the guidelines were in place, it was very clear about how to create all the comm materials. However, for clients who has a specific demand, it was still confusing, and explaining the different offers in terms of communication materials and the process was time consuming.
The solution was to have web platform that works as a self-service for communication. 
Clients can find all the comm materials that have been done for SG Markets. They can choose the communication material they want, and they can have an overview of the process to follow. 
They can either make it by themselves by following the tutorials and downloading the template, or send a request to have a comm material made by our team. This platform centralizes all the requests as well.
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